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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Myspace Divorce

So, my relationship with Myspace was first. Last year, we commenced in a long separation due to a lot of change on its behalf. The funky new look. The logo change. A reconnection was attempted last month, but I knew it was over. *tear*

With divorce comes a lot of sadness and the tedious chore of dividing property. It has all been decided. I will take the hundred or so messages, blog posts, pictures, and page (or rather dump it entirely). All of it will take weeks because Myspace insists on slowing the process. It can keep the rest.

My focus has been switched to the other side until Facebook stops being cool too. Then, I'll pray Twitter sticks to doing what it does best although it's new look is starting to give me doubts.

If I don't return by March, you'll know something went totally wrong with this transition and it'll be totally Myspace's fault no matter what it says. :o)


Adsila said...

Never did myspace, just facebook and twitter. The changes are frustrating, some of which I hate. Hang in there Andrea...

Autumnforest said...

God, I miss the old MySpace! You had your own page, you decorated it and people didn't drape their chatty shit all over it. If they wanted you, they came to your crib. No one "kidnapped" you or wanted you to "join their cause" or tagged photos of you taken at a family gathering that show you holding a hoagie to your mouth. (sigh) I hate FB. I hate the new MySpace. Let's start a site that adults want to use.

Aimee Dearmon said...

Autumn, I hear ya. If you'll notice you only see the same people on your News Feed now. They have "Friends and Pages you interact most with" option set at the bottom. Now, you have to go into Edit options and change to ALL Friends and Pages. I guess FB knows what I like better than I do!

Andrea Allison said...

Myspace sucks at face value for obvious reasons. I call FB the Sneaks because every time I turn around they are being busted for doing something sneaky like supposedly giving member info to advertisers.

I think it is about time for a new online craze to obsess over.