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Thursday, August 19, 2010

RIP Jamie Eyberg

All fun and games must be put aside. Some tragic news has been making its rounds the past couple of days. Jamie Eyberg and his wife Ann died after being exposed to an unknown gas.

This is the kind of news that you have to read a few times before your brain fully understands what it's saying. Unfortunately, I can't go on and on how great Jamie was as a person and a writer. I knew of him but had very limited interaction. What I've learned from others, it sounds like he was a great guy. You know the type that makes you feel honored to have rubbed elbows with him even if it was only once. Just so sad.

Aaron Polson is kindly dedicating the first print issue of 52 Stitches to Jamie and the profits will go in to a memorial fund for their kids Brendan and Kennedy.

He will be missed....

1 comment:

Bhaswati said...

Really sad. Why am I learning of so many deaths (either people I know or those my friends know) in the span of such a short time? Sigh. Strength and healing to his family and friends...