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Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Dark Day

Friday The 13th

I couldn't escape posting on Friday the 13th. I tried hiding under the bed, but the boogeyman pushed me out. Michael Myers is hogging the closet. So, I'm left here exposed to all the bad elements. I have a bulls-eye painted on my back thanks to my thirteen-letter name. Why must I be cursed? Anyway, enjoy the deliciously devious bunny and stay away from black cats, mirrors, ladders, the number thirteen, ambulances, birds in houses, lighting three cigarettes with the same match, cracks in sidewalks, crows, cutting your fingernails, stabbing knitting needles in yarn, and closing pocket knives. Happy Friday the 13th!


Above the Norm said...

Happy Friday the 13th to you too.

Aaron Polson said...

We need more Friday the 13ths in our lives...

Andrea Allison said...

Thank You Julie!

Aaron - I can support that. I survived the day and didn't get my lousy t-shirt.