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Monday, April 12, 2010

Inheriting the Old

I hate inheriting someone's hand-me-downs. During my absence last week, my computer decided it was time to visit electronic heaven. The new used power supply my step-dad put in it a few weeks ago gave out. So, instead of replacing it yet again, he slaved my old hard drive into a new used computer (look at me speaking all techie!).

Then comes the tedious work of sorting through all the files on the original hard drive. If you're going to switch computers, couldn't you at least....I don't know.....go through all the files on your old computer and delete any you have saved on disk or don't need anymore. It saves time from someone else having to do it. This is what I spent my weekend doing along with a little laundry. Isn't my life grand....


Aaron Polson said...

I've always reformatted old hard drives, wiping out most (not always all) old data. Doesn't sound like a whole lotta fun.

Andrea Allison said...

It's not. Which is why I usually play dumb and let someone else enjoy the fun. :)